Starship/Starbourne is PROUD to announce that it has been awarded a CFA CATTERY OF DISTINCTION, TIER II Award. Over our 36 year history we have produced a total of 31 Grand Champions,(26 Starbourne, 5 Starship) 2 National Winners, including a Best Cat in Premiership in the North Atlantic Region, 6 Regional Winners and 3 National Breed Winners, including a Best of Breed winner and a DM. Our awards have been accomplished in the North Atlantic and Southern Regions, the two toughest regions in CFA, where points for a RW in Championship typically start above 1500 points. We have produced a Grand Champion Exotic in EVERY Persian color division, with the exception of Silver & Golden. Periodically we offer top quality kittens available for breeding and show. Although we do work with color-point Exotics, that breeding program is kept separate from our solid, tabby, bi-color and particolor program.



GRC GRP NW Starship's Magic Fire
Our Beloved "T"

Starship was born in 1979 and our original emphasis was on Himalayans. Of course, from the outset I had fallen in love with the idea of Exotics and wondered what it would be like breeding them in the Himalayan color patterns. Our first success story was CH Starship’s Rainbow Connection, a tortie point Himalayan who achieved 5th Best AA Cat in the Cats Magazine National Awards as well as CFA grand points and Grand Champion titles in both ACFA and CFF.

In 1984 we purchased CFA GC New Dawn Crusader from Carolyn Bussey. Out of Crusader and CH Scotch Mist Lollipop, a gift a love from Doris Daignault in Saskatchewan, we got our first CFA Grand and also the Highest Scoring Exotic kitten in CFA in 1986: GRC Starship’s Wish Upon a Star. Our Himalayan program was then scaled down as our Exotic program became more successful.

In 1986 we were very fortunate and grateful to be able to purchase GRC RW Ariagus Sweet Dreams and daughter, GRC Ariagus Avalon Dreams from Chuck Hickman. These girls, along with Lollipop, set the stage for the glory days of Starship. We also acquired Kitty Charm Doctor Who, a brown mackerel tabby Exotic, from Darlene Feger.

In 1988, two litters were born the same day: a 4 kitten litter by Doctor Who x Avalon Dreams and a 3 kitten litter, Doctor Who x Lollipop. Two grands came from Avalon Dream’s litter, most notably GRC RW Starship’s Impossible Dream, CFA’s 15th Highest Scoring Kitten National and 3rd Best Kitten SW Region. Out of Lollipop’s litter came GRC GRP NW Starship’s Magic Fire, 4th Best Cat in Premiership National, Best Cat in Premiership North Atlantic Region, National 2nd Best of Breed Championship, NAR 14th Best Cat and 11th Best Kitten. “T”, as she was affectionately known, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 19th 2005 at 17 1/2 years of age. She will NEVER be replaced and will always be my bright and shining star........

In 1990 the purchase of black Persian GRC Bekah Barnum from Becky Beckley led to his breeding with Avalon Dreams. That litter produced black Exotic GRC BW RW Starship’s Glory of Starbourne, CFA National Best of Breed as well as 11th Best Cat NAR.

Personal events led to the infusion of the Starship Exotics into Starbourne Exotics, as a friendship and partnership with Barbara Leffler led to working exclusively for pointed Exotics. We purchased an extremely typey seal point Exotic male CH Coralee Jiffy Design of Starbourne, as well as sisters Coralee Anemone and CH Coralee Freesia. With the help of Barb’s Purrstar Himalayans, these cats produced pointed Exotics way ahead of their time, including GRC Starbourne’s Dreams Never Die, GRP Starbourne’s Moon Dancer, CH & GRP Starbourne’s Star Vision of LJG, CH Starbourne’s Rainbow Connection, and some of the many cats we sold overseas, including CH Starbourne's Sun Dancer and Starbourne's Quikprint, who produced wonderful kittens in Poland and Russia.

Other priorities took over our lives and we basically retired from active breeding and showing between 1998 and 2003. While Starbourne still cherishes the memory of their "Golden Oldies", we welcome our new boys and girls from the following lines that gave us a new start: Lt* Lelija, Purrznpauz, Wiccacats, Fanci Fx, Desmin, Calivan and Laureden. Along with old friends and new, we plan to continue our past tradition of producing exceptional PKD tested Exotics for breeding and show. Enjoy my website!

Donna Adams Wilbanks

CFA AB Judge Lois Jensen and 15 year old GRC GRP NW Starship's Magic Fire during the Golden Oldies presentation at Cotton States Cat Club November 2003


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