In Loving Memory

March 30, 2008 - October 28, 2013

"You were my brightest shooting star....your light shown brilliantly but all too soon faded from my life. I will ALWAYS love and miss you Ty. Starbourne won't be the same without you. I will NEVER FORGET our all too brief time together.....We had a magnificent run to the top, didn't we? See you on the other side, big guy!"

  CH,GP,NW Starbourne's Eye-of-the-Tiger
CFA's 19th Best Cat in Premiership Nationally 2012
Southern Region's 6th Best Cat in Premiership

Sire: Ch. Ez-Luvin Simba of Wiccacats
Dam: GC Starbourne's I Hope You Dance, DM

2010 Accomplishments
CFA's 34th Highest Scoring Cat in Premiership with 3344.25 points
CFA's 3rd Highest Scoring Exotic in Premiership
CFA Southern Region's 10th Best Cat in Premiership
Thank you to all the judges and friends who love him like I do!

Ty Highest Scoring Cat in Premiership at Platinum Coast CC

Centerfold at Red Roof

Ty at 2 weeks

Ty at 3 weeks

Ty at 4 months

Ty at 8 months

Ty and me at National Capital 9/2009

Ty at National Capital 9/2009

Ty and I went through many trials and tribulations during his growing up, but it was ALL WORTH IT!!!!!

And while he was doing his own winning, he and his sister also helped their mom get her DM!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank Jean Dugger for the use of her wonderful Persian males that have produced so many nice kittens for me INCLUDING TY, and thank you to Barbara Leffler for EVERYTHING!!!!

"One word says it all"


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